Sunday, December 6, 2009


Debi was right, that scone that I picked up yesterday at Taylor's Tea Room in Dundas was Delicious with a capital D. I ate it this morning with the peach jam and Devon cream. At first, I told the waitress that I didn't want the cream but Debi made me take it with me and told me to give it a try and boy, was it good! I've had high tea with scones and cream before but as I remembered it, the cream was not very sweet but this stuff was so tasty and really went well with the peach jam. Although now that I read this Wikipedia entry, I see that I had my ingredients layered on the scone in reverse, I should have had the jam on top of the cream: I don't think it detracted from the taste one bit!

As you can see from this photo, the scone was huge. Debi had warned me that it would be filling. She suggested I not eat it unless I was able to take a nap afterwards!

I ate it off my King George and Queen Elizabeth I plate, drinking milk from my Queen Elizabeth II mug, while watching this week's episode of Coronation Street on the CBC this morning. I know, I know, it should have been tea for it to be the proper British experience but I don't drink tea (or coffee), so milk it was.

Like I said, Delicious with a capital D!

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