Friday, December 4, 2009

The Perfect Closet?

I had intended to post tonight about what I was doing this past Wednesday night that so occupied my mind that I almost forgot to blog, but I have decided that that story is not yet ready to be told, as I have a beginning and a middle but the proper end to the tale is still in formulation.

I can tell you that it involved a trip to IKEA. Two trips actually, as I first went last Saturday with my sister but came home with much less than planned and ended up going back on Wednesday night to get what I wanted.

While we were there last week, we came across this closet display that they had set up:

Is this not the most perfect looking closet? The room itself would have to be quite large, based on this layout, as it is basically the size of a small to medium bedroom, but can you imagine having this much space to store your clothes? Preferably only one person's clothes, because let's face it, if you had this kind of closet, you'd be reluctant to share it!

I think this closet really appeals to me because it is so tidy and organized. If you could see the jumble that is my small walk-in bedroom closet at the moment, a picture of which I am reluctant to post out of sheer embarrassment (okay, it's not that bad but it is rather dishevelled at the moment), you'd understand why the size and orderliness of this space is so desirable to me right now.

I am feeling a great urge to get things organized. I'm not sure why. Is it part of the hibernation urge that we Canadians go through this time of year? Perhaps it's the thought of the many cold winter weekends approaching, when I know I shall be tucked up indoors not wanting to go out into the frigid air and my plans to spend that time getting things sorted in my home. I'd like to know where things are, and be able to put my hands on something quickly and easily, instead of rooting through boxes and under piles and amongst jumbled drawer contents every time I need something.

This is my plan for the next few months and slowly but surely, I shall achieve this goal. In fact, I believe I shall start with my bedroom closet. I shall dedicate some time this weekend to bring a little order to that space. I've got a much bigger organizational project in mind for Sunday (related to the as yet unrevealed IKEA purchase - can you stand the suspense?) but I might be able to squeeze in the hour or so it will take to do the closet tomorrow. Yes, that would be a very good way to begin.

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