Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Organized - Again

If you will recall from my post of December 3rd, I mentioned that I almost forgot to blog one night. The reason was, I paid a visit to IKEA that evening and picked up two new bookcases in which to store all of my beading and art supplies. My sister and her friend (who owns a van) met me there around 7 p.m., we had a bite to eat in the restaurant and tried out the cinnamon buns, then got the bookcases and took them home. It was close to 11 by the time we were all done and that's why I was so busy, and wasn't thinking about posting on my blog!

I have really been feeling the need to get my ever-expanding bead stash and collection of art supplies organized, as it felt like the disorganization was stopping me from making anything new. It was as if I wouldn't let myself make jewellery or create any art until I spent some time putting things away where they belonged. Only, I didn't really have a spot to put them, at least not one that seemed to do the job efficiently enough. Hence the need for the bookcases.

This first picture shows how things looked before my trip to IKEA. I had one small bookcase, situated beside a lovely little dresser/cupboard that used to belong to my great-aunt Alice. Several boxes piled up on the side containing various bits and pieces of miscellaneous jewellery supplies. Everything sort of jumbled together in a small, contained area but not a very practical setup. It seemed that every time I needed something, it was a big hunt to find it - whatever it was always ended up being in the last place I looked, or in the box on the bottom of the pile.

As you can see from this after shot, there are now two tall bookcases installed, pretty much filled up, with most things put away where they belong, easily viewed and readily accessible at all times. The small bookcase has been emptied and moved into the living room, now tidily holding my CD collection and there is now blank space on either side of the pretty little dresser to show it to better advantage.

The table is clear in the photo but probably won't stay that way for long, as now that my supplies are better organized, I'm eager to get back to work!!

Many thanks to my sister and her friend for going to IKEA with me and transporting the bookcases back to my home, and to my sister for helping me put them together. Do you know, we put both bookcases together in just under an hour and that was without the benefit of one of those Allen keys that I thought came with every single piece of IKEA furniture?! Hard to believe, I know, but true!

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Anonymous said...

Looks AWESOME Cynth! Good job!