Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And So It Begins...

Now that the festivity and flurry of Christmas has come and gone, my new sewing machine has finally come out of its box, been plugged in and put to use. I love it! It's amazing how much of the skills come right back to you as soon as you start using the machine, apparently sewing is one of those things that is just like riding a bicycle, you haven't actually forgotten how to do it, you're just a little out of practice.

I didn't have any fabric to start with so I took a trip to the local Salvation Army and Goodwill stores as well as the nearest Fabricland, which, lucky for me, is only minutes away from my home. I was amazed at the fabulous stuff I was able to pick up for a very minimal investment.

Over the next few days, I'll be sharing with you the fruits of my labour. In the meantime, I am frequently checking my friend Kate's Soul Clearing Sale II in the hopes that the long promised vintage fabric will soon be shared with us:

Here are some photos of my cat Max taken during the first sewing session: he was particularly interested in the bobbin winding process - check out the look of intense concentration on his face!

Most of the time, he hung out nearby, ready to spring into action as needed, never very far away.

But eventually, the excitement proved to be too much and he was overcome with exhaustion, falling asleep amid the fabric swatches.

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