Sunday, December 27, 2009

Was Santa Good to You?

Hope you had a good Christmas, if you were celebrating that particular holiday. I thought I'd share a few random images with you from the past couple of days.

This first picture is of my sister, Janine, carving the pork roast she cooked up for us on Christmas Eve, using a recipe of my dad's that involves peaches and chili sauce - quite yummy!

On Christmas night, as we were walking down the street to have dinner with longtime family friends, I took this picture of another neighbour's house, which looked so lovely in the light of that (rainy) winter's evening:

Dinner that night included Derek's mashed potato creation:

and finally, this picture I took of the leaded pane windows in the front vestibule of their century old home - aren't they beautiful?

Hard to believe Christmas has come and gone again for another year and now we're counting down the final few days of this first decade of the new millenium. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to 1999? Where does the time go??!

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