Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Jade Inspiration Challenge

Now appearing on the Beadfx website are the latest challenge results from The Dixon Chick and myself. I call mine "Jade Mystery" because when she gave me the beads, Dwyn told me that the jade dangles were vintage and had been taken from a piece that I had never seen. Since I'll never know what the original looked like, the history of these beads will always be a mystery to me.

Here's what we both started out with: a large brass piece (or "gi-normous" as Dwyn describes it), some jade coloured glass beads that already had wires loops on them (very convenient), gold/brass starfish, circles and leaf charms, and some 4mm gold round beads.

Once again, we both made something completely different. Once again, I used wire crochet in my creation and Stephanie did nothing of the sort. Too funny!

Stephanie's creation is called "Convertable Jade" because her piece can either be worn as a necklace or a belt - very cool, very unique! (many thanks to Dwyn for the photos of the finished pieces)

Did I mention that I also made matching earrings? (but of course I did!!)

P.S. I'm beginning to think Dwyn has a thing for the colour green. This is the second time she has given us green beads to work with and - spoiler alert - next month's challenge has them too!!!

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Sharon said...

Oh my I so love those earrings! Great job on the necklace. It looks like a museum piece.