Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 10 Minute Necklace

The other day, I finally figured out what to wear to work (it's hard these days, because it's single digit temperatures overnight, which means it's chilly in the morning, and then warms up to about 18 during the day, which means my office is like a refrigerator in the morning because the airconditioning is blowing full steam and like an oven in the afternoon because the A/C seems to have turned off just as the sun starts shining directly in my windows to warm the place up) but didn't like my choices of necklaces to wear with what I'd chosen.

I decided to make myself a new necklace but I only had about ten minutes before I had to leave for work (oh, to be a work from home jewellery designer full-time, then I wouldn't need to change out of my pyjamas or rush off in the morning! And in my ultimate, I just won $26 million in the lottery dream, I'd also be living in a much warmer climate). I had bought these daisies at the TBS Bead Fair two weekends ago and decided I would just dangle them from some chain using jump rings. I had 5 daisies in total, so used 2 for earrings and 3 for the necklace - easy and quick!

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