Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Jewellery To Take?

When going to a beading convention, how the heck do you decide what jewellery to take?? Talk about pressure!! Is it just me or are all the attendees wondering the same thing? Unless you are one of the fabulous artists who have been chosen to teach courses, in which case the answer is easy enough - you wear your own stuff and you wear what you are teaching, because it's already so good that everyone wants to learn how to make it.

But for the rest of us mere mortals, what to wear??? You can't really wear something that you made from a kit designed by someone else or learned how to make in a class with one of the teachers who will be present, can you? Or maybe you can, as sort of an homage to that person's talent. I really don't know the protocol.

I read something funny in one of the beading magazines lately, that beaders are the only people who can approach a total stranger, stare at their chest, reach out to touch the piece of jewellery they are wearing, and then look them in the eye and say, "That's beautiful!"

I am sure there will be lots of beautiful pieces on display as a beading convention will no doubt inspire most people to show off their own creations. It's a little intimidating, really!! What if you wear something you made and nobody compliments you on it? You really need to be wearing something totally dazzling. And it's too late to make anything new, since there are only 3 more sleeps left and I'll be too busy packing to have time to make jewellery.
I'm thinking perhaps I will go completely bare of adornment, just to be different and to avoid the pressure. Or perhaps there's still time to put something together like this ensemble:

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Sharon said...

Hi Cynthia. That's so funny. Have a wonderful safe trip. I can't wait to see your blogs when you get back with all the exciting things that happened. Take lots of pictures. S