Monday, May 4, 2009

The Corsage Project

Yesterday also marked the occasion of a very special annual event here in Toronto called the Corsage Project. Recognizing that going to their school formal or prom is something many kids dream of but can't always afford, girls from all over Toronto are given the opportunity to attend their proms with brand new clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories donated by various corporate sponsors and individuals. The girls are nominated by their guidance counsellors, teachers or children's aid workers and are invited to attend one afternoon to try on outfits and pick out what they'd like to wear. Volunteers are assigned to each girl to be their "personal shopper" or you can work at the various stations, helping them with makeup, hairstyles, having their picture taken, getting alterations done. There are similar organizations throughout North America doing the same thing and it is such a worthwhile cause.

Last year was my first time taking part in this event and it was such a lot of fun and so moving to see these girls come in and get dressed up. They're excited to be there but in the beginning, they're nervous and not sure how it's going to turn out. By the end of the afternoon, they are so happy and excited to have found just the right outfit, it's quite amazing to see the transformation.
I worked at the jewellery table last year, helping the girls pick out bracelets, earrings and necklaces to go with their outfits. Various members of the Toronto Bead Society and customers of Beadfx and Bead Junction donate their time and creations to this worthy cause, stores donate the clothes and shoes. Not to worry, everything is brand new (except for some pieces of vintage jewellery, perhaps) - it's not like the poor girls have to go to prom wearing somebody's bridesmaid dress from 1974!

I found this photo on the internet, in a blog called "OdetteRoulette" (great name) - hope Odette doesn't mind me using this photo. Her caption was "Sweet mother of toast! I would leap across the (bleep) cake and stab my friend with the cake server if made to wear this thing! Thanks to stylenews for this monstrocity." I agree, Odette!

I was sorry to miss yesterday's festivities and I look forward to taking part again next year.

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