Friday, July 31, 2009

Durfort Workshop 2008 - Day 5

On this Friday morning, Jennifer and I got up at 7 a.m. and headed out for a walk. We went up the same mountain road as Carin and I had taken a few days before but went much farther along. We each took lots of photos of things we saw along the way and tried to imagine what it would be like to live in some of the homes we saw. One place had some sort of stonework foundation ruins that I like to imagine date back to Roman times but they probably weren't that old. In this photo you can see what appear to be the remains of three ovens. We weren't sure what all the pieces of wood might be for, whether the owners were building something new or just storing wood stacked up against the old stone wall.

We also saw one place with a beautiful collection of hydrangeas in pinks. blues and purples. This next picture is the back of Jennifer's head as she was taking some close up photos.

This is a picture of me holding up the mountainside! This very sheer cut is about six feet from the edge of the road.

One thing that I found very amusing is the village signs, one when you arrive in Durfort and one when you are leaving. Can you tell which is which? :)

We got back from our walk just in time for breakfast and then everyone headed back to the studio. Other than lunch, we spent the entire day there so I was glad to have had this walk in the morning. We were all very busy working towards finishing pieces or at least, getting things into the final stages. I finished a short chain, to be used as a bracelet, and worked on putting several other pieces together.

Here's a picture of Kate having fun with some wire.

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