Monday, July 6, 2009

Made to Order Earrings

My boss Kelly is going to a family wedding next weekend and asked me to make some earrings for her to match the dress she is going to be wearing. The dress fabric looks like the photo on the left, very soft grey tones with lots of little, tiny sequins to give it some sparkle.

Kelly searched out some earring styles on the Internet and showed me some photos of what she had in mind. Several of them were made with Swarovski crystals but were retailing for an average of $75.00 a pair. We both that was more than a little pricey!

I picked up several types of Swarovski crystals at Beadfx and brought them in to work to show her. She picked out the ones she liked and I used them as the bottom of the dangle. They are called "cubist" and the colour is a smoky grey, what they call "Black Diamond" and they retail for a mere $2.25 each.

Then I added some black niblets, some 4 mm crystal AB Swarovski bicones, 4mm dark grey and light grey pearls and some silver disks I had recently picked up somewhere and voila! a pretty, sparkly, dangling pair of earrings that retail for a very budget friendly $20 and which should compliment her dress perfectly!

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Rachel Nelson-Smith said...

What a nice employee you are!!!