Sunday, July 5, 2009


Watching the Wimbledon men's final today - I caught the last 3 sets, both players were amazing, it's a shame there had to be a loser, as Andy Roddick played a truly awesome game - I was reminded of my own first visit to The All England Tennis Club. It took place in January 2008 when I was last in London. Did you know they have tours and a museum there? Indeed they do and if you're into tennis, it's quite interesting.

Centre court was under construction when we were there but we did get to see several of the other courts - here I am at Court 1:

The tour takes you into the press room - we took turns on the stage, pretending to be interviewed after winning the championship - and various "non-public" areas that non-players don't usually have access to. This is the BBC broadcasting booth:

It was strange to be there with the place virtually empty. When you see it on TV during the championships, the place is always packed with people. Of course, it was January!

I'm hoping one day to actually be at Wimbledon during the tournament, see the place bustling with activity, watch a few matches. I suppose it's too late for me to make it there on the players' circuit, unless they have a mature category, but some day, I plan to be there as a spectator and when I do, I can only hope that I'll be lucky enough to see a match like today's.

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