Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Chocolate Promise

Have you tried the new Dove chocolates? The ones with the little messages inside? They are called Dove Promises. I say "new" because I hadn't seen them before in Canada but when I was at the Bead & Button show, several of the teachers gave them out during class. (Now that's my kind of class - beads AND chocolate!! What's not to like?!)

Of course, I have eaten all of the ones I received (and I have to say, they weren't anything special as far as the quality of the chocolate goes), so I'll have to rely on photos from the Internet, with thanks to the anonymous donors.

The foil wrappers around the chocolate have little sayings written inside, such as:

"Happiness is contagious" or "Steal 5 minutes for yourself today." One of my personal favourites is "Flirting is mandatory."

Of course, once I Googled the topic, I found some amazing things. Such as:
You can order your own personalized messages, for a wedding or a birthday present or whatever occasion you might have in mind. Kind of like those M&M's with your name on it, I guess.

There is one site where someone has compiled a list of all the messages they had read so far:

(although I recommend you turn off your sound if you go to this site, the "My Favourite Things" music that plays is very annoying.) Of course, they suggested that it might not be a complete list just yet, as they can only eat so many chocolates at once!

Not everyone is fond of these messages. One religious blogger found the message, "Temptation is in is better" to be quite offensive. If you ask me, they are taking it a bit too seriously. It's only meant to be about the chocolate, after all. It's really not about bringing eternal damnation upon yourself.

Another blogger had a very funny posting about the message "Wink at someone driving by today". Her response? "Great. Now I'm responsible for some guy crashing his car."

I even found one website where the author talked about how people make a game of reading fortune cookies and adding the words "in bed" to the end of the message. In the case of these chocolates, he suggested we should add "you sad, lonely fatass" to the end of each message. Thus, the resulting message would be "Make “someday” today, you sad, lonely fatass." (although his blog dates back to 2006, so they can't be that "new", can they? how have I missed them before now?)

Basically, I like the idea but I find some of the messages to be a little cheesy. But if it brings a smile to someone's face, what the heck, who am I to say it's hokey? Then again, I like the idea yet another blogger suggested, that of anti promises. His versions ran along the lines of "”Heaven is…six martinis before dinner” and “When hubby takes out the trash…lock him outside.” Finding a message like that would definitely make me smile!!! ;)
On second thought, maybe I'll just stick to Hershey's kisses...

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