Thursday, July 16, 2009

A 21 Day Commitment

We had a "Lunch and Learn" session at work yesterday. The topic was "Commit to be Fit". The leader was a very nice and perky (they're always perky, aren't they? These fitness instructors. Energetic, bouncy, fit woman named Adrienne from Trifit, which is a company that works with employers to promote health and fitness for their employees ( She talked to us about nutrition and activity and told us that a habit takes 21 days to get to be part of your routine. She asked us to commit to one thing and she would follow up with us in 3 weeks' time to see how we make out.

But she didn't actually ask us what our commitment is, so I thought I would share that here with you, my loyal readers, rather than just keep it to myself and that way, I can't change my mind in a day or two and try to fudge the results. The accountability will keep me honest.

Of course, I have several ideas about what I should commit to doing (work out more, eat less, get more sleep, lose 20, 30 0r 50 pounds, eat more vegetables, drink more water, run a marathon - okay, NOT! on that last one) and part of me thinks, change everything all at once. But the reality is, it should be a gradual change, one thing at a time, I shouldn't make it too much of a shock on my system by trying to do too much too soon or for sure I will lose motivation and quickly.

So, here goes: I have committed to doing one half hour of aerobic activity at least 5 times every 7 days, which means at least 15 times between now and August 5th. I already do 20 - 30 minutes of stretches every day for my back, usually first thing in the morning as I sometimes wake up with a stiff back (although a lot less often since I started doing the stretches regularly) but I'd like to add cardio activity to that. Already, I have 2 out of 15. I came home last night and went for a 2.9 km walk which took 35 minutes. Tonight, I went for a half hour swim (as usual, I had the pool to myself, which was lovely).

Wish me luck! I'll let you know how I make out.

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Sharon said...

Oh good luck my Friend. You can do it it's only 21 days. I'm cheering for you!!!!!

You look marvelous!