Thursday, July 23, 2009

Colours of the Forest

I finished a set of jewellery tonight - a bracelet, necklace and pair of earrings. I call this combination "Colours of the Forest" because of the various shades of green. It reminds me of the dappled way leaves look as the sun shines through the branches, the way the colours change as they shimmer in a breeze.

I love these lampwork beads, they are from Unicorn Beads ( On the necklace, I added some 6/0 beads that I picked up at the Bead and Button show from Knot Just Beads. It's a mix called "Meadow".

The use of the gold coloured toggle clasps (available at Beadfx) is a bit of a switch for me, I don't make too many things with gold finishings. I thought these beads needed the warmth of gold rather than the cool look of silver. I like the way the gold compliments the green shades, the hammered finish of these clasps adds just the right muted sparkle of colour and again makes me think of that glint of sun as the leaves rustle overhead as you walk through the forest.

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