Friday, July 24, 2009

How Do You Workout?

Now that I've committed to doing this 5 workouts in 7 days for the next couple of weeks (update: 7 workouts in 10 days, missed one night of this second week already due to an unexpected dinner invitation and I'm okay with that!), I'm wondering about variety.

Sometimes I go for a walk, which I really like, because it gives me a chance to explore my new neighbourhood, which I really haven't had a chance to do on foot since I moved in last December. I use Google Maps to track my distances and check out what roads lead where, so I have an idea before I set out where I'm going and how far. Plus it's fun to draw different lines on the map and see which route is longer or shorter. Here's the link if you want to try it out yourself:

Other times, I use the small pool in my building which I normally have to myself - heaven! Although last night, I had to share with two young girls about 12 who giggled and squealed and splashed and generally goofed around together the entire time I was there. They were just being kids and didn't get in my way but it just wasn't as calming and enjoyable as it usually is. But I do find it a good workout, to be in the water. (I did 2 min of treading water last night, going to work my way up to 10 minutes in case I want to go for that astronaut training!)

Tonight when I got home from work, it was dark and cloudy with the threat of imminent thunderstorms so I knew I couldn't go for a walk outside. Instead, I did an indoor walk with a video by Leslie Sansone. She has various videos and DVD's available, for distances from 1 mile (15 min) to 4 miles (1 hour), some with weights, some with a rubber stretchy thing (which I don't use any more as the first few times I tried it, I always pulled muscles in my back! Not sure if I wasn't doing it right or if it's just a not so great thing to do). But you don't have to do the extra stuff with the weights or the stretchy band, you can just walk along with them too and do the arm movements on their own. I like it because it combines walking with knee bends and kick backs and works a few more muscles than a plain walk does.

Tonight I did the "Super Fat Burning" 3 mile walk (which translates to a whopping 4.83 km over 45 minutes!) I used to do this tape almost every day a few years ago and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. It's a great workout, plus Leslie is a very enjoyable instructor. She encourages you while leading you in the moves and also gives you information about how working is good for you, gets oxygen into your brain which helps keep your memory sharp as you age, stuff like that but not in an annoyingly cute or perky way. There are 8 other people working out with her and she chats with them as well. Plus they track how far you've "travelled" and give you periodic updates with a meter on the screen so you know how far along you are on the 3 mile scale.

I'd like to get the 2 mile version, because I like to use the hand weights now and again (although I'm not sure where mine are, haven't seen them since I moved!) and sometimes you only have enough time and/or energy to do 30 minutes instead of 45, so I'll watch out for that on eBay.

It pays to do something you enjoy in order to get or stay fit, that's for sure, it definitely helps you to keep motivated.

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Sharon said...

Bobby joined Running Room and just did his first 5K tonight. He's having a hoot. Congratulations on your exercise commitment. Way to go.