Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Canadian Talent

In keeping with Canada Day, I thought I'd tell you about another Canadian glass artist I met while in Milwaukee last month (has it really been a whole month ago already?!). Her name is Kerri Fuhr and she also hails from British Columbia, as does Stephanie Ann, about whose earrings I blogged on June 26th. The two of them shared a booth.

My attention was caught by the beautiful scrolls on her beads. She calls it "tapestry scrollwork" and you can download a tutorial from her website ( to learn how to do it yourself, which I fully intend to do one of these days.

This pink bead caught my eye first:

and then I also had to have this heart-shaped bead, because I love the swirls of colour. It reminds me of the gases that swirl around in the photos of planets - it's like there is a whole world inside this bead.

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