Thursday, July 9, 2009

Delica Pastelica

My latest creation for the Beadfx website Inspirations is called Delica Pastelica. It is a bracelet made up of 3 colours of delica beads, pink, mint green and baby blue, some size 11/0 white seed beads, a few 4 mm Swarovski crystals and some larger white beads that remind me of Mentos candies.

I used square stitch and made each of the squares individually, one in each of the solid colours (you can't see the blue one, it's underneath the centre focal bead) and then joined them together with the white seed beads.

The back and front of the finished result look like this:

While I came up with the idea for this bracelet myself, I would have to say my design was definitely influenced by lessons taught to me by Kate McKinnon, Marcia Decoster and Rachel Nelson-Smith. Thank you, ladies, for your instruction and inspiration!

You can see more photos of this piece (taken by the very talented Dwyn Tomlinson and much more flattering than those I took above!) and find a list of components on the Beadfx website, here:

While you are there, check out The Dixon Chick's beautiful necklace, Kenyan Sunset. It is pretty darned amazing. I am sure that if I had been given those beads to work with, I would not have come up with anything half as beautiful as what she designed.

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