Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fringe Festive

My latest Inspiration for Beadfx is posted on their website. It's called "Fringe Festive", with many thanks to Dwyn for the name.

It is made with the same line of beads as my last project, "Toledo Tuxedo", only these beads are black with blue/turquoise polka dots. Peacock beads, they are called. Dwyn had also given me some pink seed beads for a contrasting colour - they really make a difference to the finished look of the design.

I was having a little trouble with the double strand, getting the length of the two pieces to hang properly. I ended up adding extra beads to the one strand to make it a little longer but I was pleased with the result, because I like to make the clasp a little dressy or unusual. If the wearer has short hair or a low neckline, the clasp is visible from behind so I like to make it as pretty as possible for someone viewing it from that angle. I was excited to find these small, flat beads in my bead stash as they were the perfect colour (black on one side, turquoise on the other) to match the rest of the beads.

There is one boo boo in the piece and I mentioned it in my email to Dwyn when I sent her the component list. Didn't she go and publish that in the writeup on the Beadfx website, and include a photo where the error is clearly visible?? Gee, thanks for sharing that, Dwyn!!

Not to worry. Mistakes happen, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose. When I was at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London a few years ago, looking at an exquisite rug that was very old (so old, they only turn the lights on above the rug to show the detail for a limited length of time every day, so as not to fade the colours of the silk that the rug is woven out of), the guide told us that the ancient artisans purposely wove mistakes into their patterns, because only God makes perfect.

Check out Dwyn's lovely photos of my necklace here:

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