Friday, October 23, 2009

Boy, it's windy out there!

Phew! I am finally home, after heading downtown on the subway after work to get my hair cut. Of course, afterwards I had to do a little shopping as I need a new pair of leather gloves, having never heard back from Air Canada regarding my beloved raincoat that I foolishly left on the plane on the way home from Milwaukee back in June, which just happened to have my leather gloves in the pockets (haven't missed them all summer but now that the weather is starting to turn, I need a new pair!) Since they were having a sale, I naturally had to pick up a new scarf and a pair of wool gloves at the same time. Then was desperately in need of some dinner, so I hit the food court. Eventually headed home on the subway, and only had to change seats once, as I was sitting beside a rather portly gentleman who seemed intent on consuming an entire bag of cashew nuts in 5 minutes or less, while chewing with his mouth open - ew. When he reached for a banana, I knew it was time to change seats. Made my way out of the station to my car and headed home, only to realize en route that I needed some groceries in order to have food in the house for breakfast tomorrow, which meant a stop at the grocery store which meant that my beautifully styled hair ended up looking like I had just pulled my head out of the blender because did I mention it is raining? And really super windy outside? The kind of wind that blows the right right into your face, making it especially hard to see if you wear glasses, as I do. And oh yeah, it's cold. And dark.

Oh sure, we get wind and rain and dark in the summertime too but somehow, it's harder to take in October and November because it's starting to get so darned cold. Cold and wet is not good. Cold and wet and in your face is worse. And no, I didn't have my umbrella because of course, you can't carry groceries and an umbrella, it simply can't be done.

But at last, I'm home, finally, a little bit damp, a little bit tired, with my hairdo slightly askew, although it is a testament to the skill of my hairdresser, Teresa, that my hair still looks pretty darned good now that it is drying out, because it is such a good cut.

So while Winnie the Pooh might have enjoyed his blustery day, I cannot, in all honesty, say that I enjoyed all of my blustery evening.

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