Saturday, October 3, 2009

What I Didn't Do Today

I didn't do my back stretches when I first got up this morning, because I was still feeling so wonderfully relaxed from the hour we spent in the hot tub last night. I stayed over at Barb and Wayne's place as is our habit for these semi-annual treks to the outdoor antique shows, as their home in Moffatt is very close to the show locations and we can get there bright and early. They very kindly cooked me a delicious meal and gave me a nice, comfortable bed to sleep in, after we'd sat out in the hot tub and listened to the rain on the roof.

I didn't post a photo of Wayne in the hot tub, because I didn't want my mother or my boss to be alarmed that I was in the hot tub with what appears to be a naked man...and his wife! However, I can show you this photo of Barb and I since you can clearly tell we're wearing our bathing suits! :)

Okay, okay, here's the picture of Wayne but don't say I didn't warn you!

I didn't make it to the Grand Bend Bead Society show and sale in Guelph today. I had thought I might head over there after attending the last Flamboro outdoor antique show of the season, but by the time we were done there mid-afternoon, I was a little weary and decided to head straight home instead. Plus I figured I'd save my bead show shopping for the Toronto Bead Society sale which is coming up on the weekend of Oct 31st/Nov 1st (don't worry, I'll remind you closer to the date).

I didn't buy the white table that was the first thing I saw that I wanted, or bear skin rug, or the elk foot lamp with the birch bark lampshade, or the owl fire irons ($225 for the pair, can you imagine??) or the owl lamp (only because I wasn't sure that globe would make the trip safely to Tucson so I could give it to Kate). Because I didn't know if it was a good price, I didn't buy the watch parts that would be perfect for making steampunk jewellery and that came in a very neat metal box with a picture of a winking joker on it (although I regretted not buying that, because I was quoted a price of $45 in the morning and when I went back after lunch to make a final decision, there was a price tag on the box that said $65 and a few items had been removed, so I might have missed out on a deal there). I also didn't buy the vintage Xmas tree stand with the coloured light bulbs (totally efficient with those two electrical outlets built right in!)

And I didn't get disappointed over not finding a panther, because, sure enough, one of the last booths we visited had this lovely lamp.

Oh wait, I didn't tell you what I did buy today! I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow's post. :)

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kate mckinnon said...

The panther is ALWAYS there somewhere. Always. There can be no yard sale, no vide grenier, no antique mall without one. It is an immutable law of the universe.

I have the EXACT SAME owl andirons, which I happily got for $25 US at a holiday sale at a Tucson antique mart.

I think I am past the point of buying old cabinets and cleaning them up, but I applaud you for doing so.