Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michael David Sturlin - Day 2

I am feeling marginally less like a walking zombie tonight after day 2 of Michael Sturlin's workshop at Beadfx but still my brain feels pretty full of new information and ideas. I'm not a goldsmith and don't have a burning desire to work extensively or exclusively forming objects out of metal (no offense, Michael!) but I do find it interesting to know some of the basics and I especially like the idea that I can possible make my own clasps and findings, instead of buying the same ones that are available to everyone else. Today, we worked with silver wire and flat metal and there were handouts about working with a jeweller's saw, which I am sure will be very useful in the future.

I found taking a workshop from Michael to be especially interesting because of his work with mentoring other artists. As well as being a master goldsmith, I believe he also spends time working as a life coach, so in spending a couple of days with him, one is treated to several nuggets of advice and inspiration gently provided in a way to make you think about what you are interested in and what you might want to accomplish, both with your art and your life.

Here's a picture Rosemary took of our class group. I really like this picture because we're all laughing (I had just made a joke about how we're not supposed to call MDS "Mike"), although we had to take a couple more shots after this because hello! There is a lamp in front of my face in this shot! I am so going to have to call my agent, I should not have to put up with these conditions. (Kyle, if you're reading this, I know you're going to ask, "why did we need to include the water cooler in the shot??")

And here's a picture of Michael and me, just so I can say, hey, I met Michael David Sturlin!

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