Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Light Box

I made myself a light box to help me take better photos. It's just a cardboard box with a light coloured interior, with a couple of white pieces of paper to reflect light and act as a neutral background. I use my Ott light for illumination, which seems to do a good job.

Of course, once I had it all set up, Max had to check it out:

what is it about cats and boxes??!

I haven't had time to fully review and absorb the photography postings that Dwyn has recently been doing for the Beadfx blog (you really ought to check them out if you are taking pictures of your product and want to improve the finished result), but I do think my not too fancy light box does make an improvement on the finished photo.

For example, here's a closeup shot of the earrings you can see hanging in the photo above:

The detail is really good. So good, in fact, you can clearly see how not round these beads I made really are! Oh, who needs round beads?? I like the wonky ones!! :)

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