Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Milagro Cupboard

The cupboard that I didn't buy was a double size with a darker wood. The problem for me was that it was too heavy, I didn't think I'd be able to move it myself. The vendor explained it had been sitting out in the back of his pickup truck the night before, in the rain, so it was waterlogged. He thought it would be much lighter when it dried out but I couldn't take that chance. Plus I figured it was too wide to fit in the back of my car!

But I did take a few pictures of it, so thought I'd share. The "milagros" on the front of this cabinet had more of an aged copper look to them, that slightly greenish tinge that copper gets after it has been weathered for a while.

The inside of these cupboards is just as fascinating as the outside. Like the others, this one also has slanted shelves inside as well as all sorts of drawings of the various tags on the inside of the doors, on a thick paper with a beautiful golden-coloured aged patina.
I'm still thinking about this cupboard, wondering where it might fit into my apartment. I have the vendor's card and he's going to be at an antique show at a shopping centre near where I live in just about ten days time, so if it's still on my mind, I might give him a call and ask him if the cupboard has dried out yet! ;)

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