Friday, October 30, 2009

Chunky Monkey

Beadfx now has my latest inspiration posted on their website. I call it "Chunky Monkey" because of the big stones. A few weeks ago, after I had been doing a lot of work with seed beads lately, I had an urge to work with bigger, chunkier pieces so I asked Dwyn to pick something out for me. Here's what she chose: six each of two different sizes of a stone they call "Turquoise Howlite Conglomerate" (!!)(a not very flattering name for some fabulous looking stones), six large nugget black opal stones, a bag of 9 mm copper jumprings, oval-shaped copper loops and some sweet little 4 loop clover shaped links.

I pulled out a roll of 20 gauge copper wire that I had in my stash and got to work wrapping the stones, then joined them all together with the jump rings, using the clover links for decoration here and there (I really like the way they look doubled up).

Of course, as usual, Dwyn's photos on the Beadfx website are much more flattering so I would urge you to follow the link below to take a peek.

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