Thursday, October 8, 2009

Old School

One of the high schools at which I am taking a night school course was built in 1927 and as far as I'm concerned, the washrooms haven't been renovated since then.

The stalls have wooden doors that remind me of those you see on a saloon in an old Western. They are only as high as my chin, so I feel quite tall standing inside. The general mood is somewhat depressing, and it's difficult to realize our children are forced to endure this environment every day. Sure, it's functional but it's not pretty. Not that a washrooom has to be a work of art, but it shouldn't make the kids feel like they're in a very low budget prison either.

However, the room is redeemed by the presence of this funky looking machine, which turns out to be the hand dryer. It's pretty powerful, actually. I like the knob, it's so retro.

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Sharon said...

Hi Cynthia.

I think the doors are kind of neat! I hear you though about the prison look.

I kind of giggled because I thought of you pulling out your camera in the washroom. You must carry it everywhere.

Blessings my Friend, Sharon