Sunday, October 11, 2009

Celebrating Fall at the Cottage

I am at the cottage while you are reading this, enjoying one of the last weekends of the 2009 season. Very soon now, we will need to close up the cottage for the winter, rake up all the leaves, turn off the water, leave bags of cloves and cinnamon out to hopefully keep the mice away and lock the door for the last time.

Weather-wise, it hasn't been much of a summer and this weekend isn't going to be any warmer if the forecast is accurate - possibly sunny today but cool, single digits most likely (as long as it doesn't snow, that's all I ask!!). As a result, my sister and I will probably be spending much of our time in front of the fire, working on our beading, watching some DVD's and just enjoying cottage life in general.

Here's a picture of a necklace and a bracelet I made last year about this time, they remind me of all the best fall has to offer in Ontario.

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