Sunday, October 18, 2009

#1-27 in the Bag(s)

A quick post tonight as words cannot describe how bone weary tired I feel right now, after a very physical day working at the cottage. A very exciting drive up to the cottage, as we spotted 3 hawks along one country road and managed to catch one sitting still long to have his picture taken. Not as much luck with his two smaller friends, who were definitely red tailed hawks, as this one might be, just haven't had a chance to look him up yet.

Arrived at the cottage to find that leaves covered the ground everywhere you looked - here's what we saw:

My sister and I got right to work and an hour later, when Mom arrived with lunch, it looked like this:

After lunch, we got back to work. Mom and Janine went to work bagging the leaves. I helped out a bit there and when all the bending up and down got to be too much for my back, I went inside and stripped all the beds, emptied the fridge and food cupboards, packed all the linens into the cedar closet, and defrosted the freezer. Three hours later, 27 bags of leaves had been filled and piled up at the road, ready for the City's first leaf pickup of the season next Friday and we three ladies were pooped!

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