Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stencil 201

I bought the coolest book last night. When I was at Bizzy B, Kelly had a copy of this book and both Laura and I immediately wanted one.  She had picked it up at Chapters so we walked a few blocks up the street and luckily for us, they had 2 copies on hand, one for each of us!
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It's called Stencil 201 by Ed Roth.  It's a collection of 25 different stencils, as well as a book with several how-to instructions on using the stencils for various projects, like t-shirts, furniture, plates.  Considering that you would pay $6 or $7 for a 6 inch square stencil from certain other companies, getting 25 stencils for about $1 a piece is a really good deal.

We walked back to the store and I had to use one of the stencils right away - the one of the typewriter, sure to be one of my favourites!  I added the word "writer" today with typewriter font alphabet stamps and embossing powder (which I thought was going to be white but turned out to be a pretty metallic blue colour).

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Looks good. I put it on my wish list.