Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saving Daylight

It's that time of year, when we set our clocks one hour ahead and suddenly the evenings are lighter longer and summer feels just a little bit closer.

Not everybody observes daylight savings time.  This map from Wikipedia shows places that do (in blue), and don't (the darker orange colour) and some that used to but don't any more (light orange).
If we Canadians lived closer to the equator, this "artificial manipulation of time" wouldn't make much difference but for those of us here in the north, the practice of turning back the clocks in the fall means that we can spend a little bit more time in the daylight than we might otherwise.

What you may not know (I didn't until I Googled it) is that DST was invented by someone who collected insects.  He was a New Zealander by the name of George Vernon Hudson and he worked shifts, so he wanted more daylight in which to enjoy his hobby.

I don't expect to be spending the extra time chasing down bugs but I do appreciate George's efforts back in 1895 to bring about this time shift on our behalf.

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