Sunday, March 25, 2012

Signs of Spring

Forget seeing a robin as a first sign of spring, the true test of the arrival of the season is your first sighting of one of these:

Yup, today was that day. Highly unusual for this time of year and especially for a Sunday afternoon.  The gods must have been smiling on us today.

For $1, I got myself a metal tin full of magnetic words, the kind you use to make poems on your refrigerator if you're so inclined. I'm thinking they might be cool to use on a journal page or two.  Also picked up a calligraphy pen for $5, which was a pretty good deal, seeing as I'd just seen some in a store earlier in the day for more than twice that price that weren't as nice.

Ah, spring! So glad to have you back (even if there are rumours of frost in the forecast for the next day or two).

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