Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Frustrating Day

Oh my, what a day today was, cumulatively speaking.  Nothing seriously bad but a whole list of things that were just plain annoying each on their own, like a computer program that wasn't as easy to use as we'd been led to believe ("heck no, you don't need any training, just jump right in, you'll figure it out in no time!") and the person making my sandwich at lunch who had apparently never made one before and wasn't getting any direction from the person who was supposedly training her, that kind of thing.  By the end of the day after a whole bunch of frustrating things one after the other, my frustration meter was about to explode and I just couldn't wait to leave work and head on home.   I was desperately in need of a cat cuddle and some art therapy.

Alas, none of my cats are what you would call cuddlers but they will each tolerate a moment or two of snuggling with me so by the time I grabbed each of them for a kiss and a pet, I was already feeling better.

Then I picked up my paint dabbers and started putting colours on a journal page.  One side to represent how the day felt:

and one to represent the calm oasis I needed to find (which looks a lot darker in this photo than it is in reality):

Just getting my fingers into that paint for ten minutes made me feel so much better!

Next on the agenda, turning off the computer and the phone and settling down to do some meditative beading, followed by dinner, followed by more beading and a new episode of "The Big Bang Theory".   Before bed, I'll be greedily devouring a few more pages from "Game of Thrones" (which I would be reading non-stop if it weren't for the fact that I have to go to work every day - yet another frustration, having to put down my book!).  If there's time, I'll maybe add another layer or two to the journal pages I started. 

And of course, I will make time for more cat cuddling, whether they like it or not!  (I imagine my cats describing their frustrations to each other, "First she tried to get me to sit on her lap and when that didn't work, she picked me up and kissed me again!  Geez!!")

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LP Vintage said...

Oh, you had one of those days! I'm glad you found some good remedies when you got home. Big Bang Theory is great therapy - it always makes me laugh!