Monday, March 5, 2012

My Amaryllis is a Dud

Santa brought me an amaryllis for Christmas.  I planted it on January 11th (because Santa was really my mom and that was her birthday).  When my grandmother was alive, my mom would give each of us one and we'd all plant them at the same time and then the race would be on to see whose would bloom first.

So I planted mine this time and it started growing and growing.  I have it at my office so the cats won't eat it.  I was taking pictures of it as it got taller and taller, with my ruler standing beside it - it seemed like it was gaining an inch overnight every day (alas, I can't find the photos).  And of course I've been watering it faithfully ever since I planted it, once a week, just like the instructions on the box said.

But now, two months later, nothing.  The leaves are more than 2 feet long and flopping over but there is no sign of a flower, not even the stalk that should be coming through carrying the bud that will become the flower (which is probably just as well, because one of those phallic-shaped buds might have been a bit embarrassing on display at work like that).

I think it's time to admit that my amaryllis is a dud.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just a late bloomer?