Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kittenless Again

Rhodes and Halo were adopted last night, yay! I'm very happy for them that they have found a home with a really lovely couple but I am also missing them a little bit.  One thing I especially love about kittens is when they fall asleep with you and they are purring, purring, purring and then as they drop into a deep sleep, there is this little sigh and then the purring stops and suddenly, they are sound asleep.  It's a very special experience.

Halo has very short whiskers for some reason
But I'm also not missing them, if you know what I mean.  Kittens are so incredibly cute and cuddly. When they're tired and sleepy, that is.  When they're awake and raring to go, it's a whole different story!  Okay, they're still cute but they're also dashing here, there and everywhere, climbing everything, exploring every nook and cranny.  I didn't know before 2 days ago that there was an empty space under my dishwasher until Halo climbed in there and then almost couldn't climb back out again.  I had just long enough to wonder how I was going to get that machine apart and then, thankfully, he figured out how to exit.  Of course, I immediately blocked up that space!  Then there was yesterday when I came home for lunch and discovered they had closed the door to the bathroom, shutting themselves inside.  They were sound asleep when I opened the door and had luckily not needed to use the litter box during their surprise incarceration but still.

Which is why it seems that the rest of my cat posse is quite relieved to see them gone.  Beans has taken it upon herself to be wild and crazy and true to her name, full of beans, ever since they left last night but all the others seem much more relaxed and calm.  Yonhee is probably missing Halo but she also got spayed today, so it's hard to be sure how she's feeling, other than she's resting comfortably right now and is probably glad not to have a little furball fireball climbing all over her just now.

They sure are cute kittens though, and I certainly enjoyed having them while they were here. I know they will be very happy with their new parents.

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Anonymous said...

The worst day of my life came when one kitty hid in a space under the bathroom cabinets which I didn't know existed, for hours and hours, like all day and into the evening. We thought she had gotten out of the house and had run away or been hit by a car. She turned up, calm as could be. Thank heavens.