Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eminently Quotable

As promised, here are some of the pages of my fellow Journal Junkies, as presented at last night's meeting, which started off on an excellent note with this baking made for us by Kelly - shortbread with chocolate chunks, brownies and pumpkin cookies - oh my:

which was DEEEELICIOUS.  Not only is she an awesome baker, she is also an extremely talented journaler, as you can see from her page:

Laura made this one, featuring various quotes she likes (and made before she knew that next month's theme is "wings"):

I had never heard this one before:

The lady who sat beside me, whose name I can't remember, if I ever knew it at all, made a page with a number of quotes written on tags, tied together and tucked inside an envelope in the centre of her design:

This was my favourite of her quotes:

Marilyn made this striking collage:

This colourful page was made by Barb, the owner of Bizzy B:

I love the way she drew her text in the circles:

Connie's page also featured a number of her favourite quotations:

This one was my favourite:

I am just realizing I didn't take pictures of everyone's pages last night (not sure how that happened, I might have been distracted by the baking) so unfortunately I can't show you the creations of several other talented ladies that were there last night, which were equally awesome.  Once again, it is amazing to see how everyone starts with the same idea and ends up with something completely unique.

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