Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Foggy Day, A Windy Evening

It has been a strange weather day today.  Incredibly foggy for most of the day, combined with a light rain but not one that was heavy enough to require an umbrella.  And mild - about 5C or 41F.  But tonight as I was leaving work, I noticed the wind was suddenly blowing quite strongly.  I had been hearing it whistle around my office building for a while but hadn't really processed the thought thoroughly until I stepped outside and saw that the air was totally clear, the fog was completely gone.  Luckily, it was a mild wind.  For now.  The temperature is supposed to drop quickly overnight and it will be much colder tomorrow.  We might even get a little bit of snow by morning.  Or not. (We've been so lucky with the weather this winter so far, I hate to even mention it in case I am jinxing us but heck, if this is global warming, bring it on!)

Nevertheless, I've been looking at my beach photos from Florida last month, dreaming of sunshine and a warmer wind.  Here's an example of what wind can do to a pile of sand:

but add a little seed pod, and it's a whole different look:

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