Sunday, January 8, 2012

Organization Week

Julie Balzer is spending the next week helping her readers get organized. 
Photo courtesy of Julie Balzer
I am planning to participate and since I'll be at Bizzy B tomorrow night for the monthly Journal Junkies meeting, I got a bit of a head start this afternoon by tidying up my craft area and collecting similar items together in labelled boxes. 

I also treated myself to a desktop carousel made by Recollections that looks like something like this:

I picked it up at Michaels earlier this week for 50% off using a gift card that my sister had given me for Christmas (thanks, Janine!). It's pretty cool because it has all sorts of slots of different heights for storing things in, plus little drawers that have magnets in the back of them to hold them firmly in place as the carousel spins.

I was able to remove this collection of clutter from my dining room table:

and tidy it into this:

There's even a place for a photo on the carousel.  I put in this picture, which I took of some inspiring signs for sale in Hobby Lobby in Florida.

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with this beginning to getting organized.  Can't wait to see what Julie has planned for us this week!


Anonymous said...

Do you make house calls?

milkcan said...

That desktop carousel looks great! Super useful!

The Dixon Chick said...

THat carousel is awesome! I think I need one!