Sunday, January 15, 2012

Decorated Binder

Another thing I'm doing as I take the advice given out by Julie Balzer as part of her Organization Week is tidying up some of the papers that sit in piles in various parts of my apartment and finding them a home.

I found a couple of plain binders at  Value Village a few weeks ago and decided they needed a bit of decoration.

First I covered them with gesso and then I started adding paint (notice this was before I cleared off the table in the kitchen yesterday).

Then I used some of Julie's stencils to add more colour to the inside covers.

Here's how the outside turned out.

All in all, I really pleased with how the binder turned out, it reminds me of Julie's style and the class I took at Bizzy B when she was here a few months ago and the fun we had.  And now all my notes from that class and the blog postings I've printed out about organization week, as well as notes from her Stencil 101 online tutorial are all together in one place where I can easily find them.

Now I need to get busy painting the other binder so I can do the same with the other loose papers I've got in that pile!

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