Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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My sister got laid off from her job today.  When I talked to her earlier, she was still in a little bit of shock but also a little bit giddy at the thought of being free.  Normally losing your job would be a bad thing, it's never easy to be let go, no matter what the circumstances, and no doubt she will spend some time over the next few weeks worrying about finding another job, but I for one am very pleased that this happened to her.  She hated that job and I believe it was slowly killing her.  The stress, the long hours, the lack of appreciation, the demanding schedules - all that stuff takes its toll on a person over time.  I had a similarly stressful job years ago and I am still very grateful to have that chapter of my life behind me.  No matter how much money they pay you, no matter how much you learn from the experience or the friends you make, it takes a toll and life is just too darned short to be spending five days a week at a job that you don't enjoy.

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J9F said...

AWE thanks Sis!
I didn't always hate my job. It really makes a difference who you work for/with. Companies fail to appreciate 1)how important a role your manager plays in your happiness and 2)how a negative environment destroys motivation in staff.
I hope to find a job that I have passion for!