Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday at PLAY

Teesha taught us a collage exercise in the morning and these are the results:

Tracy took us for a LOMO (photography) walk in the afternoon.  We're using 35 mm film and making double exposure photos. Jill Holmes took this one of me with the camera on her phone - I was making a goofy face and when it's layered over the picture of the tree, it looks like I'm trying to lick up dripping water:

It might not be the best example but it's kind of fun.  Here's another one, taken by Steve Salik on his phone (the rest of us are using actual cameras but the Smartphones can do it too), one shot of me, one of Tracy Moore, mashed together:

Surrounded by incredibly talented people, very inspiring!

It feels a bit like spring here, I saw 4 robins the first day and 6 yesterday!!  Although when the wind is blowing, you definitely remember it's winter!

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