Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Adoption

It was Tamana's turn to be adopted today.  I think she'll enjoy her new home, where there are 2 other cats to keep her company.  She seemed happy enough here but kept to herself a lot, as if having 5 foster siblings was a bit much at times.  I'm sure Gus will miss her but also be glad he doesn't have to share the bathroom tap with her any more, she tended to push him out of the way and make him wait for his drink (although he cleverly figured out he could lick the water off the top of her head if necessary!)
Sometimes he'd get priority though.  I love her expression in this photo, as if to say, "Fine, I'll let him have a drink now!"

He was always very gentle with her though, he's such a sweetheart.  He didn't seem to mind when she bossed him about and she knew he would never hurt her, even though he is twice her size.

It's a bit sad when someone comes to adopt one of the other cats though.  Gus and Beans come right to the door to greet any visitor and could not be more friendly, throwing themselves at their feet and showing their tummies in complete trust, trying to get into their cat carriers.  Yonhee was quite friendly with this morning's guest as well.  It's as if they all knew they were potential candidates for the adoption, even though she had come specifically for Tamana.  I feel bad that no one is coming (yet) to take the others home but hopefully their turn will come soon.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww....two in the sink together....awwwwww. So cute.