Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seattle Bound

I am headed to Seattle this morning. So excited I can hardly stand it.  Twelve days of artful pursuits in Issaquah, Seattle and Port Townsend, Washington with the likes of Teesha Moore, Tracy V. Moore and Jane Davenport.  Be still, my beating heart!  I figure I will become a more artful person simply by breathing the same air as these 3 phenomenal artists for the next two weeks, never mind all the other wonderful folks we are going to see over the next few days as we PLAY at Fort Worden.

I was worried I was packing too many art supplies but I am reassured by two things:  (a) my suitcase is not yet over the allowable limit - in fact, I have 6 kg to spare at the moment; and (b) I could not possibly be packing more stuff that Danger Jane herself, who posted a video on her blog showing exactly what she is bringing all the way from Australia.  Check it out here.  If I forgot anything, Jane is sure to have whatever it is and she is also bringing so many more things that I have never ever seen, it will be like an art supply smorgasbord!

Stay tuned, I'll be blogging live while I'm there.  Provided we have power, that is.  Last week's ice storm in the Seattle area knocked out the power at T & T's house for several days!!
Seattle's Space Needle is about one third the height of Toronto's CN Tower

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