Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cute Tape

I was watching this video on how to make a little journal out of scrapbooking papers made by my friend and artist extraordinaire Jane Davenport two weeks ago:

and about five minutes in to this 6 minute video, I was amazed to see her using narrow decorative tape.  I had never seen narrow tape before so I immediately hit Google to look for it.! 

Lo and behold, I discovered a new (to me) website called  Now I have to warn you, if you like decorative tape, this can be a very dangerous website because their tapes are, well, really cute.

My order arrived yesterday:

I haven't used them yet. First I have to sit and admire how purdy purdy they are.

See the 6 narrow colours I got?  They are actually 3 rolls with two colours on each, very cute. Only $6 for the set of 3. I can't wait to use them in the journal I am finishing (hopefully this weekend) from my birthday trip to St. Augustine!!

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