Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Nascar Book

A friend has invited a few of us over for dinner tonight to watch the Nascar race. Since she is hosting at her new condo, I thought I'd make her an altered composition book as a hostess gift (I'm also taking a bottle of vodka and a batch of homemade cookies, just to cover all the bases!)

Her favourite driver is Jeff Gordon, so I printed out a bunch of photos of him from the Internet and put them in the book, as well as various Nascar logos and related images.

This the front cover:

and this is the back:

This is an inside page I made using a security envelope, so it flips open on a slightly smaller scale than the pages of the book itself. I positioned a really sexy photo of Jeff doing a very good impression of Tom Cruise on the inside so you can just catch a peek when you look through the window part of the envelope, then added other pictures, some colour and cutouts.

I had a lot of fun putting this book together, I hope she likes it!

Luckily, the race is taking place in Richmond, VA tonight and not here in Toronto, where it would have to be cancelled on account of rain and thunderstorms. May is certainly off to a wet start!!

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