Friday, May 21, 2010

Change of Plans

Sometimes things happen that you can't control and suddenly, without warning and completely unexpectedly, your life takes a different path than the one you thought you were going to follow. Sometimes, it's a life altering change and sometimes, it just means your plan for the next few hours are different.

I'm blogging from Dundas, Ontario tonight. When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I was going to be here tonight, doing this. Kate McKinnon is in town and she and I had planned to go to Niagara Falls today, then I would drop her off in Dundas on my way back to Toronto at the end of the day. She is teaching classes at Beads of Colour ( this weekend and I was to be up north opening up the cottage.

As it happened, literally as we were about to walk out the door this morning, my sister sent me a text suggesting an alternate plan for our weekend and suddenly, everything changed. For the good, I must add. It was a fabulous suggestion and to both our benefits.

So Kate and I had our morning in Niagara Falls and afternoon at Niagara-on-the-Lake and now we're visiting with Debi Keir-Nicholson and her lovely husband and youngest son. But instead of me heading back to the city after dinner, I packed an overnight bag before we left and I'm sleeping over.

Best of all, tomorrow morning, I get to join Kate and Debi at Beads of Colour to take part in Kate's Corset Stitch class in the morning and trunk sale in the afternoon. The forecast is for rain tomorrow, which means it wouldn't be a good day at the cottage anyway. Instead, we'll head up there Sunday morning and stay over until Monday.

Sometimes plans change without warning and everything gets jumbled up and thrown out of whack. In this case, it's all good.


Marcia DeCoster said...

How fun for you! It's really good to be able to change up things at a moments notice, but it's still hard for me to remember to throw out the plan at times. I keep learning!

kate mckinnon said...

We had such a good time!