Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage Fabric

My mother has very kindly gifted me with two more boxes of vintage fabric. There is quite a selection of colours and types, although I don't know enough about fabric to actually put a name to some of them. There are cottons and silks and something that feels like a very soft wool and others that are a rather unusual texture that I can't identify.

I know they are vintage because one of them still has the Simpsons remnant tag on it, dated June 29, 1960. It's 1 and 3/8 yards, for which she paid the exorbitant price of $1.82.

This striped fabric is my favourite. There is one piece that is just plain stripes and a matching piece with both stripes and flowers on it. Mom thinks she bought it to make curtains, which she may have done because there isn't enough fabric to do so with the pieces she gave me but she doesn't remember what windows she might have made them for, nor do I remember seeing them in my lifetime, so perhaps she made them before I was born or for the house we lived in when I was a toddler.

Not sure what I'll do with all this fabric. There are definitely some shabby journals to be made with some of it but as for the rest, only time will tell.

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