Saturday, May 15, 2010

And So It Begins

Today turned out to be a day I had been anxiously awaiting for several months now. It arrived unannounced and a week earlier than I had expected. It was...the first day of yard sale season.

In spite of the cloudy skies and surprisingly cold temperature (I deliberately left my gloves and earmuffs behind as I headed out this morning and had reason to regret that decision several times before things warmed up slightly after noon), everywhere we went today, there were hand drawn signs and lawns covered with a variety of stuff. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

Unfortunately, we were on a tight time schedule all day and could only squeeze in a stop at one house but what a stop it was. It was one of those places where they had just sort of piled various items on top of tables in their driveway, either on their own or all jumbled together in cardboard cartons. We went down the row of tables and didn't see too much, until we got to the very end, closest to the house and suddenly, we hit the mother lode (as far as I was concerned) - the box of games.

I picked up a small vintage Tupperware container full of dice and game pieces and was pretty excited, until I opened an inconspicuous looking candy tin and discovered a collection of Scrabble tiles. To anyone who makes mixed media art or jewellery, this is like the Clampetts finding black gold in their yard - eureka!!

I added a wooden box of ivory dominoes, a travel-sized Yahtzee, a 2 inch stack of stickers, a plastic compartment box filled with beading supplies, a paperback french-english dictionary and a deck of cards to my pile and my sister picked out a Windows Vista for Dummies book, a small metal Winnie the Pooh lunch box and a large glass vase. For all of that, we only ended up paying - you are so not going to believe this - $6.50 for all of our purchases!! That's right, six dollars and fifty cents for the entire lot. Even that was a dollar more than the owner asked for, we forced her to take the extra dollar because we only had twoonies. She was purging and just wanted to get rid of the stuff. We were happy to help her do that!!

Hands down, one of best yard sales scores I've ever had so far! :)

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