Sunday, May 2, 2010

Roadside Cemetery

I was driving back to Toronto this morning and happened to notice this cemetery out my window as I drove by. I quickly turned the car around and headed back to take some photos.

What you see from the road is a row of headstones and a wooden entryway that says, "1834 Pioneer Cemetery 1901". What caught my eye as I drove past in the Cherry Bomb was the contrast between the creamy white colour of the stones and the bright red and yellow of the tulips. Even on this overcast morning, it was lovely.

Once I got out of the car and had a closeup look, what I found unusual is that many of the stones are still quite legible. I don't know enough about headstones to know what they are made of - could they be marble to be that well preserved? Surely limestone would have corroded more by this time? But it was quite easy to read the inscriptions carved on these stones, which is not always the case with stones this old.

It was a pleasant spot to be on an early Sunday spring morning. It seemed very peaceful and quiet, even though it was directly beside a highway that can be quite busy at times. The beauty of the spring flowers made me think these pioneers would probably be quite happy with their final resting place.

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