Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smokin' Hot!

It's really hot today. Really, really hot. Abnormally, record-breaking hot for the end of May.

I find it strange to hear people complain about the heat so early in the season. As far as I am concerned, these are the days we dream about in February when we've got icicles dripping from our nose, it's minus freaking 30 before the windchill, we're trudging through snow up to our armpits and complaining about the bloody cold. This heat, this little trickle of sweat down the back of my neck while sitting still, this is what keeps me going in February, the thought that some day, summer will come back and it will be warm and sunny and sometimes humid. If the heat and humidity bothers you, you can sit inside with the air conditioner running but if you like it, like I do, you can sit out on your balcony wearing shorts and a tank top and flip flops, enjoying the view and feeling the heat soak into your soul. Ahhh, lovely.

I was thinking I'd like a margarita to sip while I sat out here. I even stopped at the liquor store on the way home and contemplated buying something to make a margarita with, only I wasn't clear on what ingredients I needed and what I might already have at home. They have bottles of pre-mixed margarita flavours but I was concerned that I might not like the taste - a lot of those ready-made drinks are just too sweet for me. So I left empty-handed, knowing at the very least, I had orange juice in the fridge and vodka chilling in the freezer.

I went online when I got home and checked out a few recipes but they weren't quite what I had in mind, so in the end, I mixed some vodka with some Blue Curacao - okay, that second "c" is supposed to have that little curly thing underneath it, you know what I mean? You'll have to use your imagination, it took me long enough to train my laptop keyboard not to write in Lithuanian, I don't want to confuse it by adding funny symbols to my consonants on purpose.

As I was saying, mixed the two liquors into a shot glass, shook it up in a martini shaker with some orange juice and then poured the result over crushed ice. The result is a lovely lime green colour so I can think margarita visually while tasting screwdriver. It's a combination that works for me.

How did I get the crushed ice, you ask? Simple. Half a dozen cubes in a Ziploc baggie, wrap it in a dish towel, slam away with your hammer and voila! (again, imagine the accent on that "a", won't you?)

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go make myself some nachos, sip my drink and contemplate this other example of smokin' hot:

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