Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Had a great time at the Blue Jays game last night, even though they lost abysmally to the Minnesota Twins by a score of 8 to 2.

The crowd was small, only about 13,000, so there were lots of empty seats and still I found myself seated behind a very large man whose head blocked my view of the space between the pitcher and the batter. But at least it was easy to switch to another seat.

Yes, I paid the astronomical fee of $12.75 for a hotdog, a small bag of potato chips and a serving of pop that would put a Big Gulp to shame. No, I didn't finish the drink nor did I take advantage of the free refill!!

The most dramatic moment was not the horrible combination of bad plays that took place in the fourth inning that started with a miscatch at first by Lyle Overbay (whose last name should be "Overpaid", according to those booing in the crowd), who then bobbled the throw to third base, followed by that player making an even worse throw to second base, resulting in two errors charged against the Jays and several runs scored by the Twins.

No, the most eventful moment came at the bottom of the 9th as the 3rd out was stepping up to bat and the game was a mere three strikes from being over, when the two drunken teenage girls that had been shaking their booties and annoying their older and more sober neighbours all night were finally escorted out of the stadium by security, to the applause of all in our section.

Ah, that's the beauty of a live baseball game - there's always lots of drama, both on and off the field!!

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